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My New Favorite Maps →

These typographic maps are the real deal. Although typographic maps are not a new idea, few are created manually. Even fewer possess the degree of quality seen here.


New Web Interface for The New York Times →

Google Chrome ha made a fantastic new HTML5 interface for the New York Times website that allows for keyboard shortcuts and different layouts.

Colophon’s Aperçu →

Brighton based designers Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington have recently launched their specimen catalogue to accompany the release of Aperçu, the latest font to come out of their font foundry, Colophon.

Nijhof & Lee: Amsterdam’s Best Bookstore →

No graphic designer or typophile should miss a trip to Nijhof & Lee.

Unit Editions Makes Books for Designers →

From Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook comes Unit Editions, a south London publishing company producing books on design and visual culture. I talked with Adrian Shaughnessy to get up to speed with what’s in store at Unit Editions.

Here’s your “immersive experience” – Vitsœ Turns 50 →

I still cringe when I hear the term “immersive experience.” But Vitsoe’s site makes masterful use of the medium, and dare I say, delivers an immersive experience in the process.